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Backup, Upload, & Access

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Electronics! We've learned so much, yet I teaches us every day. Both natural and spiritual.

I was trying to transfer some images from my phone to my laptop, simple right? Nope! I opened my Google photos on my laptop and nothing😡 I checked back on my phone. It was in the process of backing up the recently downloaded pictures.

Once it was done then I had wait for it to upload it from Google to my computer. Then I had access to use them. 💡

God will give downloads to us that need to be backed up in our mental drive to be stored in our memory. We then upload that info into our conscious mind to access when we need it. Like, when the Spirit of the Lord raises a standard. The standard is from the word of God that had been downloaded into us.

Make sure The Word you learn is backed up so it can be uploaded for you to access as needed.

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